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BMI Challenge Week 2

The challenge is on and your sponsor is sucking. Thanks to the insurance week from hell, I’m backsliding with walking and my weight. I think the stress really got to me – to my very core – and weakened my matter/antimatter warp core.

I’d love to see what I’m culturing now and send that bill to them without any copay. /grin

Anyway, last night I weighed in at 119.5, so I’ve lost a tad. This week is going to be a crazy-hectic week, which you’ll read more about tomorrow as I explain my upcoming GERD testing. Right now, I’m off Prilosec and already feeling heartburn and nasty, hot coughing.

How are you doing with your BMI and overall health? I’ll cheer for you from the sideline this week and re-join the starting lineup next week after this test.


  1. Jesse,
    Velveta and smoked Gouda puts on the pounds for me.   I am still at 160lbs and hoping and praying you find a good solution to the insurance torture and cross you are currently going dealing with.   Keep up the exercise as much as you can….as you know it helps physically and mentally.  Good luck on the test and hope it goes well!  

    Quick note on the Vertex trial.  I have now taken 6 days of the VX809 trial drug (drug or Placebo?) and cannot ascertain any difference.  My understanding is the 809 does not improve lung function in Delta 508’s but combined with VX770 it will.  Don’t receive the VX770  (or placebo)  for a couple of weeks on my 3rd trip to Columbus. 

    Get that warp core of yours loaded up with some new anti-matter and charge those dilthium crystals up!!


    • Thanks, Mark. Good update.

      Beautiful heard from a CF wives person that someone gained 8lbs and went from 88% to 95% in a few weeks after the second phase started.

      • Markmannhome says

        I just hope this medicine works well for us delta 508’s.  I know Vertex helps pay for most of the cost unless you are a millionair for the VX770.   A PFT boost like the one you mention above would be great.  Sorry for all the typos.  My big fat fingers and my phone just don’t get along to well.