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BMI Challenge Week 3

It’s the 3rd week now! How are things going? Up, down? Staying the same?

I had a weird time surrounding my GERD testing because they took me off Prilosec. That’s the last time I do something stupid like that. My stomach acid was killing my enzymes and I darn-near got another blockage. It caused other issues, too, including going all the way down to 115lbs, but I’m back up to 122.5 now. Thanks, Hamburger Helper!

I also got wicked heartburn last night after dinner, so you can only imagine how ticked I’ll be if the pH probe didn’t detect high levels after suffering all week without Prilosec. The whole fasting and not being on my meds (not to mention the tip of my nose wiggling every time I swallowed food) hindered my normal eating, so I’d almost be willing to do it again if they let me do it without fasting or going off Prilosec.


  1. I weighed myself at work the other day, 155 pounds – not sure how accurate my 151 pound statement was three weeks ago.  I was probably closer to 153.  No matter though I’m going to start back up at the gym this week so that’ll help me get my 160 pound goal for sure.