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Spiriva Over Atrovent for Fatboy

Spiriva HandiHalerI mentioned after clinic that I had a few days’ supply of a duo-neb of Atrovent/Albuterol and then a full month of Spiriva to see which works better for me. The results are in as far as I’m concerned – after only 2 doses of Spiriva. Friday will be an entire post on it, including (drumroll) a video!

The bottom line is: I feel as “normal” as I can remember feeling in well over a decade now. No exaggeration whatsoever. Sure, I had 2 days of duo-neb first, but the effect of Spiriva were both immediate within the hour and long-lasting clear through to bedtime.

We have changed one other thing this week, which included a duo-neb day: walking 1/2 mile to the mailbox and back after treatments and before I get bogged down at my desk getting pulled 56 ways to Sunday. Monday was so-so, and I recorded the walk with my Nike + as such. I had labored breathing when we got back and I had a really hard cough once we were inside and I sat down to take off my shoes.

Tuesday, immediately after Spiriva, I rated it about the same, but I didn’t cough afterwards. Today, I got up earlier and finished my treatments earlier, so I was ready to go before Beautiful was. That gave my dose a good 30 minutes to reach almost its maximum benefit according to the drug sheet in the box. It continues to rise to the max at 2-4 hours after, but 30 minutes is about 75% up there. I tried to pick up the pace, felt a little winded when I came inside, but again, no cough. Within a minute, I felt great again.

That’s enough for me. I don’t need to know anything more or fiddle-fart around asking to try other options.  I repeat: I have not felt this good in forever – since high school! Look for more info and goodies about Spriva Friday.


  1. Jesse,
    Great news!  I take albuterol and flovent but have never tried anything else.   Look forward to your post.   Will you continue with the albuterol and flovent or just use Sprivia?   Based on your Friday report I may ask for it next time I visit my Dr.   Thanks again.


  2. Lauramagsamen says

    As always, thanks for sharing!  Glad to hear that you feeling so well with the addition of the new med!

  3. Was just googling for information on Atrovent vs. Spiriva, so thanks for posting this! :] Have been following your blog for awhile, but forgot about this post.

    I’ve been on Atrovent via MDI 3-4 times a day for a year+ for asthma, but because it’s my only TID-QID med I have a hard time remembering to get all the doses in, thus I don’t feel as good when it wears off/I dose-up late. Will probably ask about trialling it when I go to asthma clinic in July.

    Thanks Jesse! :]

    • Great to hear. Spiriva is, without any doubt, the single greatest lifestyle improver I’ve taken. Sure, there are things that make treatments faster or treat my infections, but this has me off the couch and exercising every single day and I’ve not felt this good in almost 2 decades. Definitely check it out. You’ll see a difference same-day, and it gets better over the first week.