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Taking My Own Medicine

DifferentIn following my own advice about taking time off for your reserves, I slept in until 8:30 both Friday and Saturday mornings. I didn’t walk Friday because it was a cold drizzle after treatments and a full-on downpour around lunchtime, so Beautiful and I did a mile-plus slow walk today.

I e-mailed my fellow lighting dude for the church’s light board Friday and let him know that I’d had a rough week and felt the need to not get up at 5am Sunday, so we’re switching weeks to let me sleep in again today. I’m probably not even going to church because I can still feel the stress in my lungs and being around that many people sniffing and coughing because they won’t stay home when they’re sick is sometimes just asking for upcoming issues.

I intend to rest, take a long walk, catch up on blogs and video posts in my industry, watch a Blu-ray with Beautiful, and write my Monday post. I might be wild and crazy and dabble with some footage I shot today or continue working on my ebook for residual income.

Know thy body and listen to it when it says to slow down.

Trust thy spouse and listen to them when they say to slow down.

It still makes Beautiful nervous about how I feel when I say things like, “I think I’m going to take the morning off,” or when I think it’s best to stay home from something fun or something we’re dedicated to doing regularly. In two years of going to small group that met pretty much every Monday, I think I stayed home once or twice because of stress or being sick (one of them was after a Boniva shot on a Friday).

I’m the last one to slow down, so when I do, she usually has cause for concern. I can’t easily sit idly by and rest. Sure, I can flip a switch to do it, but its far more likely to be an external switch like a bad day pity party or a fever. Very rare is the day where I’m just sitting on the couch literally doing nothing. Doing nothing usually leads to sleeping.

This time, I’m fine and I’m trying to stay fine because I sense that pushing it (even to “normal”) will leave me compromised. Stay healthy.