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American Idol Season 11 – Top 12 Predictions

Well, wasn’t that exciting?! Jermaine Jones has been booted from the competition due to multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest in New Jersey. I can just imagine how those cops were gnashing their teeth to see him living the high life on national TV in Los Angeles. We were both surprised that there weren’t cops waiting for him outside his hotel to extradite him. The judges say that one still has to go tonight in a field that is now down to 11. Neither of us are really sure that will be the case, since doing so would mean that their broadcast schedule will be out of whack if they don’t skip one week, but they may very well do that later in the season, if not tonight.

We also hotly debated the return of last week’s non-save of Jeremy Rosado. I’d love to see him come back because I wanted Jermaine to leave last week – such a shame! Shameful!

On to the performances in 2 categories: Hot and Not.

Hot (in order of hotness to “not-ness”)

Hollie Cavanaugh – Girl, did you just blow a Celine Dion song out of the box or what?! Utterly speechless. I just got full body goosebumps again as I watched the video I’m embedding below.

 Joshua Ledet – That was nearly as good as Hollie. The judges thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but I think his motions are just a little out of control. Going solely on audio, though, they were neck and neck.

Erika Van Pelt – Her hair totally transformed her appearance and her voice was from another world from the last two weeks’ performances. She’s back in the race.

Colton Dixon – I loved this rendition of a song I’ve never heard of. It was done just the way it should be done: performance first. It was end of the season quality. I pulled the Dawg’s “what? what?” twice during the song.

Phillip Phillips – I think that he’s got a mild mutation of CF. First, he was born with 4″ of his small intestine dead. Then they showed that he nonchalantly told Jimmy and that he was going to surgery (that practice night) for kidney stones and then performed without a hitch. He’s gotta be a CFer… what a trooper.


Heejun Han – My season’s dude favorite fell on his face with this one. That’s one of my favorite 80s songs and it just wasn’t his style. I hope he sticks around, but he’s going to have to rely on fan votes, not popular votes.

Jessica Sanchez – The song was too fast and was totally not a good fit. When will people learn to pick songs that fit them? /sigh Such a fall from grace that she earned last week.

Elise Testone – I predict that the duet with Obama will be Elise’s death knell. Is it too much to ask to not have politics thrown in our face during our most treasured leisure activities? Apparently so.

Deandre Brackensick – He just makes me sick. When is he going to get out of his boy voice. I actually said something a lot meaner last night, but Beautiful said it was too mean for public consumption. I’ll just say that if he hits that falsetto again, I’ll give him a reason to sing that high, because he’s an embarrassment to men everywhere.

In trouble

Heejun, Elise, Jessica

Going home

Elise Testone


  1. Hioctanechic says

    I completely had the same thought about Phillip! He was just a bit too calm about it all. Quintessential CF’er!!