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American Idol Season 11 – Top 13 Predictions

Last night was quite the performance! For you, for me, dawg, most of these people have to go and let the hot singers stay to entertain us longer. I know it’s been more than 2 weeks since my last testosterone shot, but I got a tear in my eye after Jessica finished “I Will Always Love You,” as that was arguably one of the top performances of all-time on Idol. Watch for yourself if you missed it:

In danger:

Shannon Magrane – girl, you know I’ve liked you since the audition, but that wasn’t up to snuff. I’d love to see you continue, but I’m afraid you’re in real danger.

Jermaine Jones – who listens to that, bro? That was awful, unmarketable junk compared to the others. Go home and wash your mamma’s dishes. We want to be entertained.

Elise Testone – yikes, that needed help. All over the place on pitch – never really found the note, did ya?

My faves (in order):

Jessica Sanchez – best performance among over 200 episodes that I’ve seen.

Heejun Han – those were terrific vocals, you’re a great person, and I couldn’t be happier to see you in the finale. You almost made me cry, too. Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one who gets goosies watching Idol.

Skylar Laine – you barely beat out Hollie, but you did. That was pure fun, the presentation and character were perfect. You’re the next Reba.

Hollie Cavanagh – whooo, that was good, too. You’re a force to be reckoned with alongside Jessica, but you’re both similar in style, so we’ll see how you two play off Skylar being country.

Phillip Phillips – excellent performance. I truly enjoyed it, but I’m waiting for your to stop pulling faces and lifting your leg up like you’re about to fart on someone before I hop on your bandwagon.

Bottom Two:

Shannon and Jermaine

Going home:

Jermaine Jones


  1. Megan Murray says

    I’m in 100% agreement with your predictions!  I was stunned by Jessica Sanchez’s performance!! 

  2. Phillip Phillips looks, sings, acts like Dave Matthews. And best performance from over 200 shows??? Woah! I think (just recently) there were some Adam Lambert and Jordin Spark’s performances that topped it. She was great though.

    • I know, I know, it wasn’t as good of a “performance” in the deep meaning of the term, but vocally… man, she was in step with Whipme all along. Give her 3 weeks of rehearsal.

      Hey, wasn’t Lauren like a totally new person from last year’s nervous Nelly?