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Back Home from the Hospital

We got discharged at 3pm today! We’d simply had enough when infectious control came in to inform Beautiful that she needed to wear a gown, mask, and gloves at all times in the room with me for HER protection. I made a call to clinic, relayed that, and got the answer that it is indeed the policy.

I didn’t even have to ask (because Sue is the greatest nurse in the world and knows when I have reached my breaking point), discharge started, calls were made, texts were sent, papers were printed, and my street clothes went on. Somehow I was no longer considered a danger to Beautiful as we walked out of the hospital unmasked and got in the car together.

I’ll have several posts about my 5 days in the hospital – I started writing a post and stopped at 1200 words. It’s best digested in small servings, just like my food for the next week.

My stomach is VERY tender and does best with warm food and drink and my intestines are going to be their usual tender self for a week or more, but at least they didn’t have to operate!

Oh, hi, Kristen. You win the best nurse of the 8th floor award.


  1. tgh_txp_rn says

    I wonder if you tell that to all the nurses that read your blog ūüėČ

    • Nope! You can ask Beautiful about that. You really know what you’re doing and I can tell that I’d have been in good hands if I’d had you around on those 2 bad mornings. You have immunity from any of my follow-up posts this week.
      Remember, you had me when I still had my NG tube, so you didn’t get to see the “real me.” ūüėČ

      • tgh_txp_rn says

        Well thank you. I really appreciate hearing it from a patient. NG tubes suck (literally and figuratively)!

        Sorry, the infectious disease nurse was such a pain. They really should think about what they say. Can you imagine what a not-so-educated patient might think? What their spouse might think? I had a patient who after 20+ years of marriage was afraid to be intimate with his wife because we discovered his VRE after randomly swabbing him. He was devastated. It took a lot of convincing from the nurses and an infectious disease doctor to tell him it was OK.  

        • I also excuse Elaine since she said she was still leaning and Ferlita since she had the unfortunate task of “fixing” Jesse. We told them they did a good job.