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How One Month Can Change Everything

One month ago our lives were completely different.

One month ago we became parents through the foster care system. Within 24 hours, we’d “had” 2 toddler boys and infinitely increased our knowledge about life with toddlers.

Since then, we’ve laughed more and lived life more in the present. It’s been a huge adjustment to my workday and made me 100x more sensitive. Heck, we’ve even become “those parents” that everyone stares at in the store, but we don’t really mind.

We no longer go through our day just doing what we do when we want to do them, so long as everything gets done and all of the bills get paid. Our schedule has become our constant except when family visitations mess with Boy’s attitude and naps. I am have resumed my walks (nearly daily) and he likes to hold onto my Vest hoses when it’s running, so doing my treatments isn’t a big deal.

One of the highlights of my day is when he wants to throw each bit of my morning neb trash away, but my favorite time is a tie between “coming home” from upstairs before dinner to a running, laughing boy saying “daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy” and reaching up with both arms and bath time. I give him a bath even when he doesn’t need one because he’s contained and I like playing with the foam letters that stick to the tile as much as he does.

Life is pretty good.


  1. Lovely how this effects and changes your life Jesse.

  2. Many congratulations!! So happy to see your life progressing positively.