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Life Is What You Make It – Unless…

You’re a young child.

I’m a big listener of business books and self-improvement/leadership books on One of the recurring themes of success stories and case studies is that successful people and organizations make the best of what they are given (or faced with).

The thought occurred to me Saturday morning as I was returning from my walk pushing Boy in the stroller – he was completely passed out for the previous 40 minutes so I had a lot of time to listen and ponder – when I realized that his life is what WE make it. He can’t, at this point in his young life, “make” anything of any situation. The best a toddler can do is figure out some way to cope with a bad situation and are oblivious to any sense of having a superb life.

Ellie May Carbon Fiber LegsIf you’re reading this, though, you can make things out of what you’re dealt with. There comes a point in everyone’s lives where they have the ability to look at the situation they are in and make a conscious decision to look for/at the bright side, overcome restrictions or constraints, and become a stronger, better person than they would be without such an experience.

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brands, is dyslexic. So severely so, he was discounted in school and had to learn from comic books and constantly use tutors in college. He’s not alone, as there are hundreds of success stories like his about people who have overcome, nay – harnessed, their problems, failures, and disabilities to become household names or hidden creatures who have shaped the world we live in today.

Unless you’re a child who can’t grasp what it is to look adversity in the face and slap it silly, slit its throat, or blow its brains out, you have a choice to make when adversity does its thing.

What kind of person are you? Are you going to let CF stand in your way of doing something great or are you going to lie down and give up?

I’d rather live a life worth having than a life spent wishing.