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Frustration, I Call You “The System”

When we started our foster care training, during the very first class the instructor told us that we will never know frustration like that experienced when dealing with “the system.”

Many times over already, this has been proven true.

We’re split up today with me at Nanna’s house working and writing while she plays with Boy and Beautiful is home packing the car and doing errands so we don’t make Boy worried all day since we still don’t know if we’re leaving.

Our latest saga involves giving Boy’s case manager 3 weeks’ notice that we will be making a trip to Ohio and we worked out what we could do with Boy during that time. Knowing full well about the trip and most of its details other than exact dates or exact time requested, she didn’t say a word to his parents for permission.

Here is is, 1pm with a target departure time of 6pm, and she says she can’t get to their house to ask them (long story about why she can’t call them)… and even when that happens, I’m thinking there is a 2% chance that she can get a court order to take him, unless she has the order made and just needs actual permission.

We’ve contacted our Family Care Specialist (she’s basically our case manager to help us in our dealings with case managers) and she’s seeing how she can expedite things and has a call in with said disorganized person’s supervisor.

I’m thinking that when we return, it’s just going to be time to have it all out in the open with the agency because of repeated last-minute demands and various emergencies at the hand of their lack of planning.