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Clinic – Fall 2012

I just got back from clinic and had another great visit. Basically, my numbers are up, so if you’re a busy person and that is all you need to know, move along with your day. I wish I could, but the rest of you want details, right? Right?!

The big number: FEV1: 42% – yes, my favorite number. Those of you with better memories than me will know that’s also what I blew in March before we started doing foster care and after I’d started doing daily walks and runs. Then I blew a 38% in June after a full 7 weeks of fostering. I was wiped and had come off a cold. I’m still recovering from the life change of Grandpa’s funeral, the 2,000-mile drive, and lots of hours worked to afford to take that time off… and the cold Boy gave us again.


Other stats of note: my weight was a whopping 126.4lbs – up from 123 in June and several dips into the teens since then – and my gut was proudly rounding over my pants. My O2 was 96%, which is the minimum I’m satisfied with.

Three neat stats from my PFTs are:

  • My FEV1 volume is higher than in recorded history at 1.53L
  • My small airways (25%-75%) are higher than ever in percentage and volume: 0.69L, 17% (13% is my norm).
  • My PEFR (peak expiratory flow rate – or “how fast can you blow, like peak acceleration in a car”) is also higher than ever in both percentage and volume: 5.98L/s, 70%.

Before I got out of there, I got my requested flu shot, tetanus vaccine, and pneumonia vaccine. I expect to feel like crap any hour now, so I’m going to finish up a small project, get my pay “for the day,” and rest while Boy takes a nap.


  1. Kristi Bowers says

    Thank you for sharing! We have missed interacting with you via FB. Keep in touch!

    • Join the superior Google+ – don’t say your friends are all on FB, bring them with you. 😉 Many of us are there, as is my Fatboy page.

      I’ll make my CF circle public.

      • Kristi Bowers says

         I am being so stubborn with google. I tried it and it was boring and weird. If I go back, then its just another thing to have to check. Maybe I will come over again soon. I don’t know 🙂

  2. Great numbers, Jesse!!! Especially after what you’ve been going through.

  3. Great job Jesse. Keep up the good work!

  4. Fantastic!  So happy for the great results!  Wonderful news.   We need results like this at least every once in awhile to help motivate us! 


    • The thing about results from the doctor (w/ me, at least), is that they give me permission to feel how they say. If I’m run down and they say my numbers are down, I take it easy because I feel worse. If my numbers are high, then I’m invincible.

      The cool thing is when it’s like now. I feel like crap, but these are my best numbers ever, so I am feeling better now. I can do this. Foster parenting won’t be the end of me or appear to be taking years off my life like we were concerned about the last few weeks.