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The Hobbitfoot – There and Back Again

Sunset TrekSorry about the Tolkien-ish title. I’ve recently finished re-reading The Hobbit for about the 5th time and am eagerly awaiting the movie at the end of the year. I suppose I owe you an explanation of the title, eh? Hi, I’m Fatboy and I have Hobbit feet, but that’s not the point at all. “There and back again” is the point.

My friend, Mark Mann in Kansas, innocently enough mentioned needing good results like my clinic visit on Friday to keep us motivated. I don’t disagree with that at all, rather I’d like to expand on it. Six years and one day ago, I married my best friend. You all know her as Beautiful. I know her as Wonderful, as well. See, I was pretty darn sick the year we got hitched. My health was on a pretty good decline, then I got better for a year or so, and then it was back to a severe infection and IVs every 6 months or so.

31.5 months ago…

Then I started this site and made myself into CF Fatboy. That was 31 1/2 months ago as of this writing. Two and a half years since my last round of IVs – a record going back… probably forever, because there used to be this thing in my life called “tune-ups,” which my doctors don’t believe in. I think we can safely say that we whole-heartedly agree with their school of thinking now, though we did have our reservations a few times.

So, there we were decompressing our long anniversary day last evening when I mused: “I’m healthier today than I was the day we got married. Go figure.” We are literally turning back the clock. Sure, I tire easier and need more rest, but I listen to her and my body to chill it and with my fat reserves, I weather my colds with extra sleep, less work,  and ensuring I’m do 100%+ of my treatments.

I also graduated college 29 months ago and started my business 45 months ago. The latter definitely initially hampered my health, as I worked like a maniac insomniac workaholic. I barely graduated that final semester without finals week landing me back on IVs, but the next month, we went to a cabin in TN for vacation and I gained nearly 10lbs and did every.single.treatment. Every time. Even in the hotels.

Good results motivate

My good results do motivate me, but bad results give me permission that I sometimes don’t otherwise give myself to cut back. I cut back since last clinic with the exception of having to save up for a trip to Ohio in July and again in September. Okay – it doesn’t sound like I cut back, but I did for 70% of it. Now these good results have my quasi-psychosomatic brain feeling better than I did Friday at 6:30am.

So, yes, I have hairy, wide feet and a huge LOTR fan, but, like Bilbo, I’ve come back from where I’ve started: relatively healthy as in my youth.


  1. Kristi Bowers says

    Kaleb cannot wait for the movie. It comes out the day before his birthday. He has read all the LOTR and the Hobbit and absolutely loves them!