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One Week Later – Feeling Better

Napkin Holder

It was just last Saturday that we reunited Boy with his parents. It was really stinking hard to get anything done last week. Beautiful made great progress on house stuff on Monday and then quickly slipped into wandering around in a daze. I don’t blame her, since she was the one whose schedule was most impacted by Boy – I still had to come upstairs to work every day.

His parents (wonderfully) e-mailed us multiple times per day to let us know what he was doing, how they were doing, and even questions about “he’s doing this, what would you do?” Those messages, more than anything, lifted our spirits. We knew each day that, though he has a different life with them, it’s not a bad life. Different doesn’t mean bad, it just means “not how we did things.”

They soon friended us on Facebook (yes, I’m doing THAT on Facebook, but that’s about it) and we are going to walk with them in Dad’s diabetes walk this Saturday. By the time the weekend rolled around, we confirmed going to Home Depot with them for the monthly kids’ project – a turkey napkin holder – and brought over Beautiful’s homemade lasagna for lunch. I think we were pretty much with them from 9am until 2pm.

They confirmed our picking Boy up in the morning for church, so we were back again at 9am and brought him back for nap around 2pm (see a trend?). He fell asleep in the car on the way there, so I think he was tired from playing and having time with our whole family at our house. He noticed everything that had changed (not much) around the house, and I think that brought continuity to his young mind that we are still there, his old room is still there, and that we all still love him.

We’re still reeling from the change, but excited to see how excited they are.


  1. Wow! I could not be happier at how God is orchestrating all of this.