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Fatboy the Busy, Semi-Famous Hermit

beard-duck-dynasty-pillowIt’s interesting, as I think you will find it to be, also. People online are taking over a more important role in our day-to-day lives than people we see in real life or who have had a vested interest in the past. Sure, it’s happening to some more than others, but I’m confident that it’s more than “some” in our case, or at least my case if I’m being careful to not put words in Beautiful’s mouth.

I’ve recently gone through a social media transformation to eliminate both noise and stress. Life is more relaxed online now and it’s allowed me to see neat, nice, and relevant people better. I’ve met more people like me with my interests who have just enough of a “fringe element” to them that they introduce me to cool sites, code that helps me do what I do, and even new music to work to.

While we still need a few friends, and those of you know exactly who you are because you kept reaching out over the past few months, my industry has greatly lessened my dependency on getting out and seeing people. I’m such a hermit now, I don’t shave, leave the house once, maybe twice a week, and I can’t help but be a bit weird when I do get out.

After all, most of my talking is done with my fingers. What is this thing making vocalizations I can hear?

Business is booming. I have projects lined up until June and have undoubtedly my most important client call this morning, as well as my most complex launch today. Oh, and if you want to read some about exactly how geeky I am, my ultra-elite hosting company featured me on Friday as their “Finely Tuned Consultant” of the week.


  1. Kristi Bowers says

    WE miss you but try to keep up with Beautiful. Hope you are feeling better.