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Final Post on CF Fatboy

As One Door OpensThis is going to be the final post on CF Fatboy due to the increased government involvement between government agencies and the healthcare system. Too much of our lives are posted here as information that can be found regarding my meds, finance, insurance, hospital visits, foster care, etc.

God Save Our CountryAs we decide on a response to the healthcare changes that have been forced upon our family, this information must be as hard to find as possible.

I’ll be taking the site down on Monday and archiving it for a later date should these concerns be put to rest with new or repealed legislation. At such a time, I can easily bring it back to life. Yesterday was the end of the Facebook page – it has been scheduled for deletion. Thank you to the 400 fans there. Perhaps it will come back on the next great social network when the time is right.

It’s been fun. Thanks for reading and participating in our journey together.

Stay positive – the cure is on the horizon.


  1. debbie pillman says

    I am so sorry that you have to take the site down, however I totally understand. Its so sad that this is what you have to do. Thank you so much for sharing . I hope to see you here again sometime soon. Good luck, good health, stay strong. God bless you and ALL your family.

  2. God Bless you! Have really missed the posts but understand. Our insurance has gone up $4400 thanks to Obamacare laws. Keep well and Christ’s blessings to you and Beautiful!


    • It’s been great interacting with you, Mark. Live long and prosper, as well.

      We’ve had several factors preventing posting in recent months but I hope that a few of them will go away in the next month or two and there’s always a new pseudonym I could take on and contact you all when that time comes.