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Pork-Out Weekend

We sure had a fun weekend of sun, food, and exercise. It was our first trip to the beach in 2010 and I escaped burn-free by assuming my usual position under the palm trees in my reclining beach chair, munching on trail mix and drinking Gatorade. What a time! The weather was perfect (84 with 5mph breeze) and we were there just long enough to make it worth the drive.

Sunday was my piggy went to market day and I balanced it out with an incredible amount of exercise. Exercise like I haven’t done in… years. The in-laws got DDR Hottest Dance Party 2 for Christmas ’09, but I probably didn’t play more than 10-15 minutes back then and not again since. I busted out moves for at least 30 minutes yesterday, much to the protesting of my left calf. Apparently someone behind me thought I’d want a record of my efforts; I found this on my iPhone when I went to e-mail myself my BMI photo. I think it’s time to get DDR for our house!

Dinner was the Easter usual pork roast and potatoes. I’d already eaten lunch and snacks all afternoon, but I was ready for more. I accidentally left one of my Boost Plus in their fridge, but I had more at home, so I got another one down before bedtime. Thinking that I had a pretty good day of eating and feeling bigger than ever, I thought it was time to check my BMI.

Yeah, that’s a new record! I’m not sure what’s up with the scale vs. Wii BMI, but this should be an all-time high weight for me, but it was a tie. You’d think that the BMI and weight would match on any given day, but it must not have been in recent days, since this is a BMI record.

Anyway, onward and upward to 125lbs!

Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.74

For those keeping track with the scales and the chart in the sidebar, that’s 123lbs! Two more pounds until I can take another picture, which I’m afraid won’t look too much different than the last just because the weight seems to be re-distributing itself and converting into muscle.

In an act of hilarity, we went to my in-laws’ tonight and I hopped on their Wii Fit for the first time in 84 days. I’d gained 11.4lbs and went from a skinny little dude to the size seen here in an instant. It was hilarious how I just ballooned up! I think it thought I’d be upset to see that, but I wasn’t, so the laugh’s on it.

I went to the neighborhood gym last night and worked on my biceps, quads, and lats. I had some unexpected soreness in my forearms today and driving my manual transmission was… fun… not being able to extend my right arm all the way to 5th gear without a shot of pain. I’m determined to make my upper body look how I want it (because I know I can because I have naturally sculptable muscles that respond well to weight training) and then struggle to build up much-needed mass on my bottom half. Having a butt now is nice, but (no pun intended) I want the whole package of quads, hammies, and calves. Why?

With good legs comes the ability to drive my lungs to better performance with tireless running.

Here is my weight chart going back a few months on our Wii at home to illustrate another point:

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Good Living Is Paying Off

I will admit that I was skeptical about what compliance and eating like a steer on growth hormones, but I’ve gotta say, it’s working.

It feels good to wake up and not feel like a tiny wimp, rather a tired lug from a hard day’s work the day before. I used to feel small in bed, but now I feel like I take up more space. I know I don’t physically take up more space because my frame is the same size as before, but the mentality has amazing results.

It feels good to take a deep breath. Yes, pretty deep. Several seconds longer than before. I can feel that elasticity coming back that I was longing for on our first walk around the neighborhood. I am coughing way less often than before; I’m even coughing less than other people in classes and church. That feels great!

Today I did something unimaginable at the beginning of the semester, and even last semester after IVs: I walked up the four flights of stairs in my English building to get to the Spanish department. My legs suffered worse than my lungs did. I breathed deeper for a minute or two, but never coughed. I think it might be time to try running.

I don’t have a “fat” feeling any more at my new weight. I don’t feel like I’m bloated or putting it in weird areas. While my cheeks don’t show the weight as much now, I feel more solid. I fill my jeans and shirts better. I did some push-ups a couple of nights ago and still feel pumped, so I’m motivated to lift again. I can’t wait to see my physical gains with a proper testosterone level this time around.

Fatboy’s Historical Weight and Lung Stats

My CF coordinator is the best in the country. /hat tip to Sue @ TGH!! She compiled my PFT and weight stats since 2006 for the site for all of us to see. I put it into a simple little Excel chart in a jiffy, but will be making it look awesome later and edit this wording accordingly.

Pink = Weight -- Yellow = FEV1 %

See that really low trough around Data Point 8? That’s just 3 weeks before our wedding. Yeah, I was sick, sick, sick! See that slope immediately following? The next point was a week after our wedding and the next point was 3 months later; my highest percentage in the last 3 years. You can see every time I go on IVs pretty clearly with this graph with the down, down, up pattern.

This is the time for that trend to end forever!

  • time to get my game on with keeping my weight up (check!)
  • time to start walking (check!)
  • time to start running (let’s walk first)
  • time to start pumping iron (hold my feet to the fire)