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Back on Track After the Weekend

My LAST first day of college, 13 lbs ago.

Same jeans, January 12, 2010.

I noticed over the weekend that my weight was falling because I wasn’t porking out all day out of respect for my wife’s desire to not stuff her face 10x per day. It’s hard to not eat when “everyone else” is eating. However, I also noticed that my jeans were quite snug. Granted, they were some of my oldest jeans, but it’s not like I’ve grown any since I was 18. I still wear a 29-inch waist and can’t imagine needing to move up to a 30 or 31.

They weren’t just snug at the waist (which consisted of a slight roll coming over the waistband), but also my thighs. When I’m driving, I like to have some room down there to keep the blood flowing. I have a bad enough time keeping my legs from doing numb due to a bony butt, I don’t need my clothes impinging blood flow. Nevertheless, I thought this event was going to be limited to those jeans.

Then I put these on this morning. You have no idea how badly I want a before/after shot with these jeans. This is a pair of 29W 30L Levi’s 527’s. They are a low-rise boot cut and are the only jeans I’ve found in the last 3 years that didn’t have a crotch that hangs down to my knees. Despite a perfect fit in the waist, these were seriously baggy in the thighs 2-3 weeks ago. The kind of baggy that leaves one self-conscious when sitting next to people who can and do fill up their pant legs. Now I’m one of those people.

I started out my day with my omelet and we bought 3 6-packs of Boost Plus yesterday, so I can have 3/day for an extra 1,000 Calories/day again. I feel way heavier than yesterday already, and I haven’t even had lunch.

If this keeps up, I will need new jeans. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?!

Goals for Week 2

Where would we be without goals, right? I plan on:

  • consuming an average of 4,000 Calories per day
  • walk at least a mile 3 times this week
  • do my aerosols (albuterol, Pulmozyme, Colistine, and hypertonic solution) 2x/day
  • do my Vest once/day for 30 minutes

You may note that I have a severe lack of calories today and yesterday. Well, it’s all about being nice to my wife. She’s got the exact opposite goal as me: maintain or lose weight. I can’t just pork out all day in front of her without a) being mean or b) affecting her desire for food. Being married is all about balance. If losing a couple of pounds on the weekend is what it takes and then gain it back over the week, so be it, especially when you hear how hot you look all weekend with the added weight. Nothing like clothes fitting right to bring out the fashionista in everyone. I may need to retire a pair of jeans or two very soon.

I just wish we had a home PFT machine to monitor stats every day or week. Time to start another drug trial for more frequent PFTs, eh?

Wii Fit BMI Update & Photo

My all-time high on Wii Fit Plus on March 1, 2010.