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Post-IV Clinic Tomorrow Morning

Friday morning is my 2-week post-IV clinic appointment. This morning, I weighed 120lbs and I weighed 121 tonight… after… well, #2 and #1. /grin!!! I should be in good form tomorrow morning for several reasons:

  • I’ve been averaging over 3,500 Calories per day (I think that’s low, but oh well). I was right, the Excel sheet was not counting the first 64 cells of my diet list. I’m averaging 4,150 Calories per day.
  • Checking my calendar, I’ve only missed one treatment in 8 days – today’s Vest because I was gone all day and Beautiful immediately passed out when we got home.
  • I started AZLI again on Tuesday morning.
  • My weight is stinking awesome!
Date Weight FVC FVC % FEV1 FEV1 %
2/19/10 114.4 2.1 49% 0.98 27%

Predictions for tomorrow after the jump and feel free to post your predictions in the comments.

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Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.66

It was a momentous day yesterday with a weigh-in at 20.66 BMI and bringing the little marker line fully within the lettering for the “Normal” range. I’m not sure where 23-24 BMI rests on that scale, but I intend to find out. What’s that come out to on the scale for me, anyway? 122 lbs.

I didn’t really do anything different in the last day or two, and I can’t tell which day it is that actually results in weight gain quite yet. I’m fairly certain that it’s a combination of food in me at the time and metabolized food that got converted into fat and muscle overnight from the day before. I can be the biggest champ one day and not see the results that night, but the next day is usually pretty good, like I got a kick-start.

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A Long Walk, but not The Long Walk

We had quite a few things to do today, so I got my exercise in one way or another. It was a sunny, but very breezy 68 degrees in Tampa today, and we just so happen to have an outdoor mall here. It’s just like a regular mall with cool custom storefronts and courtyards and kiosks, only there is a road running down between them all with “city sidewalks” on either side to go into the stores… and there’s no roof. It’s lovely, this time of year; not so much in June, July, August, September!

We parked on one end and pretty much scoured one department store, both levels, and walked all the way to the other end of the mall and went from one end of it to the other, and then ended in the middle department store before heading back to the car by the first store. By the time we were done, my feet were sore because I was wearing my dress shoes with 1.5″ heels! Beautiful asked why I was breathing so loud, but I was doing a lot better than usual. No walking-related spazzes.

As the day went on, I felt tighter and tighter, but it wasn’t for lack of treatments, that’s for sure. Who wants to know the regimen I’m on?

Medical update: I am sending my daily food diary along with the number of meds I'm taking for digestion to the dietician to see if she can figure out why I didn't gain any more weight this week despite eating 32,485 Calories in the last 7 days. That doesn't come cheap!

Long Day and Lots of Exercise

I got to sleep in today until about 9:30 after taking an Ambien around 10pm to shut my mind off and “sleep deep” like I so enjoy. I totally didn’t meet my caloric goals for the day, with a pitiful 2800 Calories (including the Boost Plus next to me now) and I’m still hungry. I can’t eat, though, because Beautiful crashed on the couch 20′ from the kitchen and she didn’t get much more than 2 hours of sleep last night. Welcome to the married life of one person having CF and the other who doesn’t. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight today, but that’s just normal if I don’t pig out. One day it will hover where I want it to without stressing over the numbers. For now, hopefully I can get her to bed and grab a bunch of food before things get quiet again to get my numbers up to where they need to be.

Right after breakfast, I did something I don’t remember the last time I did it: albuterol, Pulmozyme, Colistine, and 7% saline all followed up by a Vest treatment. I did all four aerosols when we got home (hold on, I’m gettting to it) but was unable to do the Vest for above-mentioned reason.

I worked on my Spanish homework that us due at midnight Sunday night while I did my aerosols and then we ate some lunch before heading out to the flea market. We walked around for a good 90 minutes to 2 hours in the (mostly) fresh air. Some people just don’t grasp the Florida statute that says if there is a roof of any kind over your head, it’s considered to be indoors… plus the area that is off-limits from egressing and ingressing. That pretty much rules out everywhere but the parking lot. Anyway, up and down each of those buildings was surely a couple of miles.

We got her engagement ring repaired for $25 by an Old World Greek master jeweler and paid him an extra $2 for polishing her wedding band.

It was definitely the most exercise I’ve had since our last amusement park venture, but without any coughing this time.