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We Didn’t Go for a Walk

Rain, rain, go away!It’s been nothing but non-stop rain here for the last 36+ hours. If it sounds like it’s stopped, don’t be deceived, it’s just sprinkling quietly. It sort of put a damper on our plans to walk after work, but I also couldn’t overcome my exhaustion from a long day of work to get on our Wii to do something cardio like the obstacle course or dance steps. Personally, I think we should borrow Dance Dance Revolution from my brother-in-law and have some real fun with cardio because I like Wii Fit for the balance games more than cardio.

I hit a new BMI record last night, but just barely — by 0.04: 20.55… still progress. I upped my enzymes all day yesterday and made sure I took them with all of my snacks because I had a rough evening the day before. It’s amazing how enzymes can make or break your day.

My wife told me last night that this is the first time that I’ve gained weight and she can see it, other than in my cheeks. My clothes just fit better because I’m now built more like a normal person, my face and neck are nice and full, and even my hands don’t look like Saran-wrapped muscles and tendons due to a thin layer of fat.

We Went for a Walk

We started my exercise routine today. My wife said she’d be willing to get up any time or drop anything to exercise with me to know that I’m exercising and visually improving. It wasn’t much of a walk, but it was a start. We trotted off to the mailbox about 1/4 mile away and made a full loop around the neighborhood on the way back, so we put in about 3/4 of a mile and saw just how many townhomes in our development have lock boxes on the doorknobs!

I’m not comfortable pushing it just yet, because I can feel that my lungs feel more like plastic than rubber, if you know the feeling. I sit at the computer and work all day, so the only deep breaths I take are when I’m coughing. Without those deep breaths, it feels like my lungs have taken on a “use it or lose it” mentality of their own. It feels like I’m only breathing with the top 1/3 of my lungs and my diaphragm can’t pull air down any further just yet.

The goal is to get there. Then the goal is to start jogging. I was on the track team in Jr. High, so I know if I can get back to that stage, my wife will have a hard time keeping up, because I was darn good for my stature. Yup, I just threw down the gauntlets.

The 1,600 Calorie Lunch – Steak Diane

Today was a bit of an unusual eating day, but I clearly made the most of it. According to my food log, I consumed 6,075 Calories, 294g of fat, and 321g of protein. I converted the fat into ounces, and it weighs in at 10oz of fat in one day, between saturated and unsaturated!

The two major contributors to this massive conquest of calories were my four Boost Plus drinks (1,400 Cal) and three 8oz Steak Dianes (1,629 Cal) that I had to eat today before they spoiled. For someone who can get stuck on the last few bites of a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, the steak went down rather quickly and easily. In fact, I downed it with my 3rd Boost Plus and went on to eat 1/3 cup of fruit trail mix.

To show you that my day is not filled with empty calories, here is my food diary for the day (in no super-particular order):

Food Servings Cal. Fat Protein Tot. Cal. Tot. Fat Tot. Protein
Pastry 1 380 14 11 380 14 11
Tea 4.5 120 0 0 540 0 0
Milk 1.5 150 8 8 225 12 12
Trail Mix 5 140 11 13 700 55 65
Boost Plus 4 350 11 13 1400 44 52
Steak Diane 3 543 43.6 34.6 1629 130.8 103.8
Hot Chocolate 1 270 7 10 270 7 10
Potatoes 2 220 13 6 440 26 12
BBQ Chicken 1.5 281 3 35 421.5 4.5 52.5
Corn 1 70 1 3 70 1 3

All I can say is that I’m quite full, my jeans are quite tight in the thighs now (hey, guys aren’t suppose to put it on there!), and I’m hoping and praying the weight stays on for all this food we’re buying.