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And We’re Back

The site is back for now, mostly as an archive to help CFers who are looking for info. I’ll be deleting content in the coming days to make it a tad more anonymous and with less identifiable material.

I hope you enjoy reading some of the classics and notice the time since last IVs in the sidebar. Yup, my PFTs have gone nowhere but up since 2012, either. Not down, get IVs, and up again, down, up. Up, healthy, cold season, healthy, up, flu season, healthy, up… etc.

Of Diapers and Doh! Moments

Diaper tabI’d like to preface this story with this fact: before April 26th, 2012, I don’t recall ever having to change a diaper in any of my babysitting assignments, as they were always already in their night-time diapers when I’d arrive to sit after dinner.

Okay! Moms, prepare to laugh your heads off at my expense. New dads, please fess up if you had a similar ah-ha! moment with today’s diapers.

Sometime after we’d made our way through most of the first box of diapers, I’d get to the second tab and pull it apart, only to realize that it didn’t have any adhesive. At best, it looked like the adhesive was stronger than the tab’s attachment to the diaper, since it looked weird with some quality control number stamped on it. I assumed that either the adhesive roll was running out when these diapers were made (like when register receipts start printing with that pink striping) or were just plain made wrong.

I’d grab a second diaper and it would work!

This went on for several days, not always every changing or every day, either.

Finally, after one night’s bath, I experienced this again. First tab: fine. Second tab: no sticky. Now, I know the ladies are laughing so hard right now, if they weren’t already. Please don’t spoil this for the men – oh, this is in writing on the Internet. Right.

I grabbed 2 more diapers and tossed those out, too. Same problem.

Boy (stark naked, ever-increasingly chilly Boy) and I went to his room to fetch a handful. I shouted down the stairs to Beautiful, “These diapers are freaking getting on my last nerves! We need our money back!” and proceeded to try on one diaper after another.

Finally, once one got both tabs on the front of the diaper properly, the light bulb went on over my head.

I slowly pulled it back off and felt it. No sticky. I’m sorry I speak like a toddler now, by the way. Back on. Back off. “By golly, I think these are Velcro,” I said to myself, or possibly to Boy. I’d been putting on the first tab so quickly and effortlessly that I never realized they weren’t sticky. It wasn’t until I got to the second one and did some adjustments or slowed down for a good alignment that I took notice and freaked out at bad manufacturing.

I pulled a half-dozen perfectly good diapers back out of the trashcan and headed downstairs like I had won the Nobel prize for in-genius diaper reverse engineering.

“Yeah, didn’t you notice the strip on the front that they attach to?” quipped Beautiful when I relayed my marvelous discovery.

“Of course, on the first day, but I thought that was some super-strong area that wouldn’t be pulled away from the diaper when the sticky tabs pull on them with movement.”

I have since yet had a reason to throw out a diaper that didn’t have a sticky second tab.

Beautiful Creation – Australian Skies

One of my friends from years of social media is Paul Pichugin from Australia. To say he’s a world-class photographer isn’t giving him his dues, as you’ll see by this video. He said on Facebook that this has been 2 years in the making and over 10,000 photos! Hit the HD and full-screen icons to see it in its maximum awe-inspiring format.

Cystic Fibrosis Fatboy Featured on Alltop

AlltopSeveral months ago, I submitted the site to the “online magazine rack,” Alltop. I’d actually forgotten about it, though I often wonder about getting Beautiful’s site on  BlogHer.

Today I got an e-mail that they approved the site and created a new topic for Cystic Fibrosis, possibly after the Boomer Esiason Foundation submitted theirs, because we are the only two sites for the topic.

A couple of my clients (big names in their fields) are listed, so I got the idea to submit the site… so long ago, I couldn’t really tell you when I did. All I know is that it’s a hugely popular site started by the great Guy Kawasaki of Apple lore. Shoot, the dude even has his own tab on the site called “Holw Kaw!” Cystic Fibrosis is now listed under the Health topic at the top, but that’s good enough for me!