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CF Awareness Bands on Sale Now

We have just opened the store tonight with our order of purple CF awareness bands that arrived today. Get yours in the store or by clicking the link in the menu for Awareness Bands. Only $1.00 plus shipping to the US, Canada, and UK for now.

Send me a contact form message if you live elsewhere and I will calculate shipping for you and create a new country option in the ordering system.

CF Fatboy Store

CF Awareness Bracelets

We have ordered 500 silicone awareness bracelets this morning. As soon as I finish creating the PayPal side of things and the graphics, we will begin pre-ordering.

Since we did not receive 50 questionnaires, I will be picking one at random to receive one free bracelet and one person to receive 3 free bracelets to fulfill my promises of a prize.

I will announce pre-order sales when the page is set up. We are very excited and can’t wait to see them when they arrive.

Cystic Gal, Beth Peters, Is in ICU Now

Word from her uncle and sister says that it was a textbook surgery and that her new, pink lungs are a perfect fit for her. We are all waiting with bated breath until she makes her own first communication. Knowing her, it won’t be long. You know Beautiful will have instructions to leave my iPhone on my lap at all times if I ever need to get a lung transplant.

Go Beth, go!  Cystic Gal

Cystic Gal Got The Call

Cystic Gal Got “The Call”

She’s been quiet for a while, but word got around that she got the call after lunch, or at least that is when the one person I heard it from posted it.
Her site notes:

As the primary recip. …
Will update. Gotta go to hospital!!
Big prayers and love and light my way, pls.