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Vertex Shows Incredible Potential for Cystic Fibrosis

We’ve all seen the rise in the life expectancy of CFers over our lifetimes. Some are still with us, some are not, but the percentage of those living on and living more normal lives is on the rise every decade. New meds by Vertex are showing huge gains in lung function in many patients, and the drugs are in phase 3 trials, moving on to the next set of patients with even more decreased lung function soon.

New drugs for cystic fibrosis bring hope

Four drugs targeting the fundamental cause of CF made by Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) , Pharmaxis (AU:PXS) , PTC Therapeutics, and Inspire Pharmaceuticals (ISPH) are in phase 3 clinical trials

Nick Vujicic Has Inspired Me

Every now and then, usually out of the blue, someone will tell me how inspiring I’ve been to them to have excelled and succeeded at what I set out to do despite having cystic fibrosis. I don’t hold a candle to this guy. Nick Vujicic has inspired me to go on a speaking circuit if I can pull all of my life’s material together. Watch, and you’ll see why Fatboy himself has been inspired.

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Breathe Car Stickers

Jamie over at Radek Loves to Breathe just got a new tattoo for her car when she found out that her magnetic CF ribbon wouldn’t stick to her new car’s aluminum trunk. Her friend made these up for her and are for sale for $8.00 on her site.

New CF Car Tatoo

Bennett Gamel

I found a new little guy. Obviously, he’s not doing the writing as a baby, but mommy bloggers dig this sort of site. I know Beautiful does, too. It’s a woman thing. I think. /grin