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Surgery Time Update

My surgery has been moved to 3:30pm EST on Thursday 1/6, so we are to arrive no later than 1:30pm. They are allowing me to eat a light breakfast, so I think I’ll down 3 Boost Plus drinks and either go back to bed or watch movies to keep my mind off food. At least Beautiful will be able to eat lunch at home before we leave.

I Like Bacon and Peanuts, But Not Together!

Bacon and the BibleKnowing some are allergic to peanuts, everyone likes bacon, right? In my effort to become Fatboy 2.0, I’ve upped the ante on my calorie density, both in the amount of food and the ratio of calories per dollar. Given the amount of money we spent the first time around, I have no interest in that kind of “investment” to reach my new weight goal. Obviously, it’s easier to gain while not fighting an infection, or multiple infections as the case likely was. I’m gaining just about 1 pound per day now, so it’s time to tell you how I’m doing it this time and leave it up to you whether that tickles your taste buds or not. I know Beautiful has no interest to eat what I’m eating now – I remind myself of a pregnant woman with cravings now.

Cravings include: nachos and queso with jalapeño slices, Cajun boiled peanuts by the bowl, fatty bacon, and various frozen entrees.

I can tell you with certainty a couple of things that absolutely pack on weight more efficiently than other things. It’s a very basic cheat sheet for me, so it’s worth trying it yourself if you need to pack on weight and don’t have fat and cholesterol concerns, as we CFers don’t absorb cholesterol the same way as the rest of the population (teeny tiny blessings, eh?).
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Fatboy Is Back After Losing 21 Pounds

The REAL Fatboy Dozing

I have lost 21 pounds since Labor Day

Time to honest up: my weight story has flat out stunk since business/personal crunch time began around mid-August. This photo was taken on Father’s Day. Notice how my polo is stretched tight over my gut. My shorts also wouldn’t button up at this point. After hitting a high weight of 135 just after vacation in mid-June, it was time to shift priorities from gaining weight to building our business so we could live more comfortably (i.e., get out of what debt we had and allow Beautiful to stay home if she so chooses) and stop spending a fortune on extra food. Now that it is there, it’s okay to back off, right?

Apparently not.

I dropped to a pretty steady 120 (20.6 BMI) for quite a while. Then it was time for surgery… which was desperately needed, as you will soon see by what happens next. After surgery, I had a really awful time with my antibiotics and nausea. I now have a much greater appreciation and empathy for all of my new transplant friends who had stomach issues after surgery for their various reasons. Seriously – how disabling!!

This progressed until I got on the scale Saturday morning and was horrified to see that I once again had plummeted to an embarrassing 113.5 (19.5 BMI) – right where I was before I started this site in March. All of that work for nothing! I don’t look like I’m that thin again, but I’m not going to stand for that. I have a site to write for – my credibility is at stake.
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Fatboy Is Losing Traction

Fatboy was FATFatboy is losing traction with his weight and fortitude. I started this site on Posterous as self-accountability and then moved it to here using what I do every day for my business for global accountability and to better the CF community with my experiences and to connect with others. Today it’s time to cash in on accountability because Fatboy is losing traction and in need of community support.

I just don’t feel like going through all of the effort of making a huge omelet every morning just for myself and eating it by myself for the 200th time. It’s getting old. FAST! I’ve got work to do and hate starting each morning with yet another time-consuming chore done alone. I’m maintaining the weight I had after my cold (124lbs) but not gaining any of it back with my current appetite and eating.

It’s not a bad weight, but it’s not what I was nor where the doctors want me at. Our budget is stretched to the max with co-pays and pre-deductible medical expenses for the next month or so, so no matter how much I’d love to, going to the nearby pizza place for an 8″ personal pizza and drink for $7 every day to make up for a lost breakfast isn’t an option for a while. I know a certain Californian will suggest McGriddles, but that comes to an issue of time and money, as the nearest McDonald’s is with the flow of rush hour traffic and would end up being at least a 30-minute round trip.

I’ve made do for a few days by drinking my breakfast with extra Boosts, but that’s a more expensive option than eating my breakfast. The only thing that I can think of at the moment is to buy a few packs of bacon and pre-cook them in the oven when Beautiful doesn’t have to smell them and put them in the fridge to reheat with some sunny side up eggs  that don’t take the extra time that an omelet does. I know for sure that it has to be protein-based because I crash seriously hard from a carb breakfast.

Does anyone have any other quick breakfast ideas? One no-no: I can’t do oatmeal or grits – my gag reflex won’t stand for that texture. 😉