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Anniversary 2011 Trip Photos

We’re most of the way through our two-week vacation in Ohio/Niagara Falls now and have had a great time relaxing, visiting, and celebrating our anniversary. We’ve also been going crazy with our new camera. I’ve had my ups and downs of stamina walking about and seeing the sights around the hilly falls and have finally recovered from all of that exertion.

Not letting the cold or hills is how I outran CF last weekend. Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most. Here are some photo highlights of our trip thus far. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I’ve enjoyed taking and editing them (especially liked editing the ones of Beautiful).

We walked down the falls on Saturday morning, heading out at 6am to get these shots and spent a good 90 minutes there.

American Falls Pre-Dawn

Canadian Falls Pre-Dawn

Beautiful and I took some photos of each other on the farm Sunday. What a hottie!

I’ve gone out to take some photos for fun, too. I think we’ll need a bigger hard drive before too long if we keep up this pace.

I’ve been good about doing my treatments morning and night, even though I’m sequestered to the living room but I am making good progress on my Netflix shows on my iPhone!

Tonight we are heading over to my uncle’s house for an early Thanksgiving dinner while 2 of the 3 “kids” are here. I’m sure my aunt will come for the real dinner next month, so I guess most everyone gets 3 huge holiday dinners this year. I don’t mind THAT a bit!

Stay strong, breathe easy people.

Fatboy and Beautiful – Five Wonderful Years

Maid of the MistFive years ago today, I asked Beautiful if she would love, honor, and cherish me  for better or worse, in sickness and health – she said “I do,” and so did I when she asked me. We kissed and ran down the isle to begin our new lives together. I remember it like yesterday. I also remember it like it was a lifetime ago.

So much has changed: jobs, where we live, plans for kids, the car she drives, starting our business almost 3 years ago, and now Beautiful working from home since February. We’ve been blessed with great trips, momentous family occasions, a roller coaster of health that always works out, and great friends and family that walk with us on this journey called life.

One thing is certain: I couldn’t have picked a more perfect partner to go on this journey with.

To make this year special, since we always seem to be running tight on the budget at our anniversary, I decided that we should go to Niagara Falls and spend more time with my grandparents as a layover and rest zone before and after. A few very hard weeks of working later, we had met the goals needed for the trip, got a falls view hotel on the Canadian side, and headed to Ohio.

No breakdowns this time!

We made it to my grandparents’ just after dinner on Monday and got to spend the next 2 days with them and my parents all in the old farmhouse. We left yesterday morning and drove through gloomy skies up into PA and NY and arrived at the hotel at 2:00. With check-in at 4:00, I went on in and asked if we could check in now – sure. We went through the formalities of the payment and ID and then he seemed new and asked the manager beside him what the difference between these rooms he was looking at was. “Those have Sleep Number beds.” At that point, my hotel training under the vast experience of Beautiful’s dad kicked in, and I quipped, “If it makes any difference which room we get, we’re here for our 5th anniversary.” The manager smiled and pointed at the screen and instructed him to pick ,”that one,” and wished us a wonderful stay and congratulated me.

I already saw that the paper had a complimentary upgrade to a high floor. We ended up with a room on the 15th floor. Upon entering the elevator, we saw that there are only 15 floors! Top floor, baby! We had purchased a city view but were suddenly in a room with a king bed, chair, LCD TV, jacuzzi tub, AND a view of the FALLS! I got choked up and I still get choked up looking out our window as I write this. It’s simply amazing – another bucket list item done.

We quickly rushed as fast as my lungs and legs could get us in the freezing misty rain to Maid of the Mist. The wind was howling to begin with, and then approaching the American Falls, the spray was intense as we slowly went by. As we approached the horseshoe of the Canadian Falls, the wind picked up a ton – hurricane force – and we were in awe of the volume of water, volume of the water’s noise. I took videos and photos until I couldn’t stand to keep our electronics out in the elements any longer. It was 1.15 miles, all uphill, back to the hotel where we had to turn the water all the way hot to thaw out our bones because our jeans got soaked on the boat.

This morning greeted us with the sun coming up over the falls in a golden yellow that looked like a fire in the clouds.

We’re off for more picture-taking and scenery now that my Vest and treatments are done.

Happy anniversary, Beautiful.

Our View

Canadian Falls

Fatboy and Beautiful Celebrate 4 Years of Bliss

Fatboy and Beautiful

Young Love - 2002

Well, not all bliss because it’s a super-rare case where a CFer has 4 years of no issues, and we’ve had more than our fair share of events in our 8 years together and 4 years with our wagons hitched in total solidarity. However, I’d be a fool to not acknowledge that they have by far been my best 4 years of my life.

No doubt

Beautiful has made her anniversary post about all of her memories of our Great Day – October 21, 2006 – on her blog, but I wanted to concentrate on my most emotional memory, which was the sum total of all of my excitement, fear, joy, and anxiety all rolled into about 20 minutes.

My best man slept over with me the night before to help me get everything ready for the day. We ran to the florist next door and got flowers to surprise her with when we walked in late that evening because we were headed on our honeymoon after lunch the next day and then headed to our church.

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Happy Six Month No-IV Anniversary to Fatboy

Anniversary from IVsI was going to do a quick shout-out, but that wouldn’t show my happy happy title, so here goes a real post for a short little thing: my 6-month no IV anniversary! In the last 6 months, the following has happened regarding my health/work/etc:

  • gained 16lbs from my previous lifetime high in March
  • hit my goal of 23 BMI
  • graduated COLLEGE with my B.A. after 13 years
  • improved my PFTs from 34% after IVs in March to 37% now
  • had my best month of business ever this summer

While we are very glad to see my new CF friends get their new lungs (green in my blogroll in the sidebar), others are struggling with infections of various kinds and severity, so Beautiful and I do take every day of my new health with a new-found appreciation that wasn’t possible with my old quality of life and try to not let the small things bother us.