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Fatboy Has Lost His Appetite

Boy, Am I HungryHe wants it back, really badly. Even Megace isn’t helping much because it mainly helps me not feel full while I’m eating, but the problem is that I haven’t even been hungry for quite a while – pretty much since my blockage. I really have no idea what’s up. Beautiful is concerned that I’m hovering just below 130lbs right now, but that I look a lot thinner. I think the look has to do with it not being fresh weight any more, but who knows? I can’t tell reverse changes like that, only gains now. I’ll see the gain when it comes, so let’s figure out how to eat again. I have 3 ideas at this point, and this is just speculation:

  • The blockage really has done a number on me and makes me feel satisfied on less because my stomach shrank from a day of not eating and the subsequent cramps I still have after eating indicates that some things are still not back to normal.
  • I got off my t-shot schedule by 2 days last weekend and it’s a known factor in appetite. I’m back on schedule this weekend, so we’ll see if my appetite returns as a possible indicator of its need to stay on schedule.
  • Our medical/insurance/financial trifecta has depressed my appetite. It’s hard to think about food when you’re thinking about insurance issues for other people on other plans and trying to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need and that everyone gets paid. I flip/flop between being down and working like a beast until late into the morning and doing myself no good that way.

Any ideas or suggestions about what works for you (or if you happen to have a pretty good idea about which of these it is) would be especially welcome. I have clinic in exactly 2 weeks and I have to be Fatboy, not Mediumboy.

I Say Megase, You Say Megace. I Gain Weight.

Megase / MegaceNo matter how you spell it, Megase (megestrol acetate) is really making an impact this week, so I looked up some information on how/why it works. Here is what I already knew going into my research:

  • It’s often prescribed to anorexia, cancer, and AIDS patients who have a severe loss of appetite.
  • Whenever I take it, it’s not that I become hungrier, my brain doesn’t receive the signal to stop eating.

Going along perfectly with one of my most popular articles: Eating With Cystic Fibrosis: It’s a Full-time Job, this is just another attempt at creating a caloric income greater than caloric outgo. This week, I’ve decided to try to take it as prescribed on the bottle instead of just as a little booster for meals to make sure I eat “enough.” Let’s see if I can express the results of said action accurately.”

“Oh my!”

I’ve been eating to the point where I actually have to lay down because sitting up is uncomfortable. My weight is back up over 120 at all times of the day, and it almost seems like I’m thinking about food more. Maybe it does have an appetite thing that I wasn’t getting the effects of when just taking a bit at a time for a certain meal.

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