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Fatboy’s Nebulizer Life

Inhaled MedsOwing directly to my eFlow nebulizers (Why you NEED an eFlow a.k.a. Trio and Altera), there is no way I would be able to function with all of my responsibilities without being able to do speedy breathing treatments. They allow me to break down a dose into 90 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the med and how much is in the vial. Look how darn portable they are, too!

Here is a run-down of what is in the photo, why I take it, when, and etc.

Left side from the back

Advair Diskus 500/50 – a steroidal control bronchodilator med that I take twice a day. It’s a dry powder that gets sucked in when a blister inside pops.

Albuterol – my first dose I take with my Trio in the long chain of meds. It’s, of course, a long-time friend of CFers and asthma patients as a bronchodilator. Twice a day again.

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Hypertonic Saline (7%) for Cystic Fibrosis

I’ve fought tooth and nail to not do 7% saline aerosols, basically since the first time I sucked it down at least 2 years ago. It’s nasty! I’ve never been able to do a saltwater rinse after oral surgery, sinus rinses, or swallow seawater. I have a very strong reaction to such a high concentration of saline, almost a gag-reflex. My chest tightens, I start to salivate like there’s a porterhouse in front of me, and my chest tightens some more.

I decided it was going to be worth the effort and discomfort after reading this article over on Hypertonic Saline Solution (7%). Come on back after reading about the empirical evidence that it works and check out my personal experiences in the last few weeks.

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Post-IV Clinic Tomorrow Morning

Friday morning is my 2-week post-IV clinic appointment. This morning, I weighed 120lbs and I weighed 121 tonight… after… well, #2 and #1. /grin!!! I should be in good form tomorrow morning for several reasons:

  • I’ve been averaging over 3,500 Calories per day (I think that’s low, but oh well). I was right, the Excel sheet was not counting the first 64 cells of my diet list. I’m averaging 4,150 Calories per day.
  • Checking my calendar, I’ve only missed one treatment in 8 days – today’s Vest because I was gone all day and Beautiful immediately passed out when we got home.
  • I started AZLI again on Tuesday morning.
  • My weight is stinking awesome!
Date Weight FVC FVC % FEV1 FEV1 %
2/19/10 114.4 2.1 49% 0.98 27%

Predictions for tomorrow after the jump and feel free to post your predictions in the comments.

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