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Beware of Oral Thrush from Neb’d Meds

I’ve got thrush for the second time in 9 months. This time, I knew what it was and what it was from, though, so it didn’t get nearly as bad as the first time. For those not familiar with thrush, it’s also called Candidiasis (click the oral candidiasis link if you REALLY want a photo of how bad it can get) and is a fungal infection, in my mouth/throat in my case. It’s basically a yeast infection of a similar variety to what those gross TV commercials remedy.

The source of the growth: AZLI/Cayston. I’m still on the extended study rather than the new Cayston. @UnknownCystic would probably like me to point out that he gets thrush from Advair. While I’m on Advair at this point, I’m not as devoted to that med yet and I know I was out of Advair when I was on the trial the first time I got thrush. I called my coordinator and told her I started on my bottle of nystatin oral solution last night because of the thrush.

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