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100th Mark – Something Special

100th Thank YouI had an article all lined up for tonight’s midnight posting until I realized that today was a milestone: 100 articles/posts! We’ve come a long way together from me being Semi-Skinnyboy when this started in March until now.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading, subscribing, commenting, Facebook friending, and tweeting with me. Like I’ve said, before March, I didn’t even have CF, so to have so many new friends with a common “interest” is amazing. Opening this door to my life has somehow opened a door to my heart and my head at the same time.

I am in better shape than years, I’ve never looked this good before (Beautiful sort of said it, not me), and my outlook on the future has never been better. For these things that I’m grateful for, you have had a part in. You’ve kept me accountable to do what I’ve set out to do by coming back every day and checking in to see how things are. I even got e-mails when I stopped weighing myself every day to see why I’d stopped.

Over there in the sidebar, I’ve got my list of the top articles on the site. That list is generated by actual hits of the articles on the site, but I want to know:

Which is your favorite article and why?

Was it the style? How it made you feel? Did it inspire you? Did it just connect with you because you feel the same way? Lemme know, and we can have an even better next 100!