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Ask Fatboy: Issue 1 – My Son Is Skinny

I’ve had the honor of receiving my first question last night from a mother of a 14-yr old with CF. With her permission, I’ve posted it here to respond to for the benefit of all.

@cffatboy Can you teach my CF boy how to get fat?  🙂

-Rebekah Sprecher

That’s a great question, and one I’m sure my mom asked for years and years! Ricky is at that age where it starts to get hard to make your offspring do anything they don’t want to do, I’m sure you’re finding out. Typically you can’t get him to clean his room, wear the clothes you want, or take his medicine. Not knowing his development level after reading some of the extra battles he faces, it’s a bit of a tough call from my chair, but I’ll give it a shot having been on the same pew as him, even if not the same seat.
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