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Fatboy Discusses His Health Insurance

Demote: Socialism + Healthcare by ~JFox343

Demote: Socialism + Healthcare by ~JFox343

Some people have asked me in comments and via my contact form about my health insurance, so I thought I’d put my story here for everyone’s benefit. To this day, and I imagine forevermore, my article: Fatboy’s Take on the Healthcare Reform Bill will remain one of the most popular pieces on here. Things to keep in mind regarding this information:

  • I live in Florida
  • I’ve never been on disability anything
  • I’ve never had a lapse in health insurance coverage

I’ve been on COBRA insurance several times in my career while switching jobs and had an individual policy with the company after I decided to convert it once before. We’ve done it again, so now I have a $5M policy with the same insurance company I’ve had since 2000, but my lifetime limit has reset every time I go onto a company plan and back onto an individual policy. We’re at about $60k so far – no sweat – but going back to my first insurance policy, I never gave any of that any thought.
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