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Philips Respironics MiniElite Compressor Review

Philips MiniElitePhilips Respironics sent me a MiniElite unit with a SideStream Plus handset and slim lithium ion battery to test and give my expert review as a user of nebulizers for over 30 years, so I put it through its paces and have come to a conclusion about their product.


My first impression of the MiniElite was amazement over how small it is. It’s about twice the size of an aquarium air pump! If I had this when I was in high school doing nebs on the way to golf practice and tournaments, it would have made life SO much easier. We used to have a DC to AC converter to plug in our 10lb compressor and then a dose took 20-30 minutes. I hated having CF every day of the week back then.

Imagine having a 1.4lb compressor with an optional thin lithium-ion battery that snaps to the bottom of it for use in the car or out anywhere you can’t get to an AC or DC outlet. It also comes with a carrying case that is smaller than my overnight toiletry bag and the base unit has a neb cut-out to stand the nebulizer up so the mouthpiece isn’t laying down on a dirty surface after use. Pretty impressive design.
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Not Enough Hours in the Day Without Trio

That Is EverythingI’ve mused in past articles, particularly those about my compliance and having the Trio for my nebulizer being the integral part of that compliance. Last night, as we were laying in front of the boob tube (no, not watching boobs, being boobs), I had to get up and start my nebs because Beautiful has insisted that I stop going to bed at 1 or 2am watching my site stats from my midnight posts.

She caught herself protesting my abandoning her to go to the couch, but realized before she was done that I was making a sacrifice, too, because I was comfortable and enjoying spending time with her – it was not my preference to get up.

As I made it into the kitchen, she said something to the effect of, “Aerosols, aerosols, aerosols! If you didn’t have the eFlow, you’d be doing them all day long, seriously! You’d start in the morning, and by the time you were done, it’d be time to do your afternoon one, and then we’d eat and you’d just start over again… for another 3 hours.” I’d literally be doing 6-8 hours of aerosols per day. I’m sorry, but that’s not a compatible way to live a life and “live a life.” You can’t hold down a job doing that, and even running  your own business from the couch would be hard, too.

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