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A Heart That Has Been Touched and a Life Changed

A Life ChangedI got a personal e-mail today that touched my heart like none that I can remember. Maybe there have been others in the past related to something I’d been going through or something that I had recently accomplished at the time. This one was different. Since I’ve not asked permission to reproduce it, I will leave the person anonymous and edit it for the heart of the matter. I want to get my feelings out in pixels before they fade away into sleepy oblivion.

I was diagnosed fairly late in life (around 20) and have had my ups and downs since then. Most of my struggles have been with gaining weight and keeping a good fitness routine. My baseline weight was around 105, and I’ve dipped up and down around that number for years now.

A little over two week ago at a clinic visit, my weight was 99.7 pounds, and FEV is 42% with basically no daily exercise. I decided “enough was enough” and committed myself to a regimen that included gaining lots of weight and getting in shape. Your site was actually one of the first I found that helped get me in the mindset that I could do this.

Over the past 13 days, I’ve gained 10 pounds back and have hit the gym (both cardio and weight training). I’ve been posting on CysticLife and other sites, and many people have recommended I try to get in contact with you personally…

Mindblow! He’s, like, my brother or something. Do those weights sound familiar? How about that “enough is enough” attitude? I felt like I was reading a mirror of my thoughts back in March when I had my epiphany. [Read more…]