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Race to Be a Millionaire


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To be a millionaire would be a wonderful thing, but I have much loftier goals than most when they say such a materialistic thing. Stories of millionaires, how they made something of themselves out of nothing, inspire me to no end. I could read and listen to them all day every day… if knowing about them would change anything about my life. What I’ve heard so far has changed me.

The Secret Millionaire

Have any of you seen the new show ‘The Secret Millionaire?” It just started a few weeks ago and is about a millionaire each week who goes undercover in a needy area and finds people who would responsibly use or distribute a gift from them to help others in the community. It’s left me in tears without exception. I want to give that badly. It brings back memories of the last few moments of ‘Schindler’s List’ when he is pulling out his pen, coins, and his ring to save just one more person.

Deep down, I am that person.

However, deep down, I am not ready. I am not ready because I have not provided for my family yet. I would not be the man, the husband, I am supposed to be if I spent our savings on others and left us in a bad situation that put me in the hospital or worse. I would be a failure if something happened to me and Beautiful lost the house and had to move back home. I have a plan. She is helping me with it by taking care of my burdens to allow me to be better able to take care of my own load that is called “staying healthy” and “running and growing our business.”

The race is on

I won’t hide the fact that I am out to get money because it is not the love of money that drives me but simply what money provides in our society. If providing for my family meant that we had to have a lot of friends, you know I’d be a social butterfly, but we all know that’s not how it works. The system is quite simple, actually:
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