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$5 Towards Diabetes Research and Awareness

$100 GoalWe’ve all been touched by diabetes. Either we know a friend or family member who has it or has even died from some of its many side issues or we have it or have been warned to change our diet and exercise to avoid permanent damage.

Me, I’ve been told to cut out sugary drinks and my A1C has been good for 3 years.

So, when our friend, Chris told us he was walking this year and that last year NO ONE had donated to his walk, Beautiful and I decided to help out and show him how we do it in the CF community. No one should ever attend a walk without any sponsors. NO ONE.

Let’s change that for Chris and his family this year. Yesterday, his donations were still at zero. There is a $5 minimum, but let’s keep it to a reasonable $5-$26 (26 million people in the US have diabetes) and let’s see how high this can go by the 10th. He is at $61 at the time of this publication.

If every regular reader donates $5, that’s going to eclipse this goal many, many times over. Let no man (or woman) walk with $0 donated ever again.

Please donate now.

I’ll keep this post updated every day or so until the walk.

Please donate now.