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Superhuman Strength

I’ve written before about some things I’ve done growing up, such as marching band playing a bass drum, midget football, 4 years of baseball, track and field, and years of rough-playing recess at school. A reader requested a topic today and I agree with her that it makes for a fine discussion.

Hollie said:

I’m a fellow CFer as you would say. I think your posts are great and I am so glad to know you don’t wallow in self pity like a lot of other people with CF do. I know growing up wasn’t the best. I went to one of the best CF clinics in the US it was at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Funny thing is doctors told me and my brother who also has CF that we would NEVER be able to do any kind of sports and basically just drag us down. Well guess what, my brother played soccer, baseball, football, and wrestled. I ran cross country, cheerleaded for basketball, and played soccer. I think you should do a post that highlights what doctors or even what others say and how other people with CF deal with it. Personally I think it’d be pretty cool. I am now 22 years old and have a fiance and a beautiful 4 month old daughter, thank goodness she doesn’t have CF but others should know that just because they have CF not to let that stop them from doing something that they want to do.

Sounds like a good topic for our group, so let’s dive in. Since I’m writing, I’ll follow Hollie’s lead and start things rolling.

My childhood clinic was the Toledo Hospital with Dr. Vaughty and Dr. Reddy. Some others came and went, but they cared for me from about 9mo until my 16th birthday. I don’t recall them ever telling me I wouldn’t be able to do something. I do know they predicted my parent’s marriage would end early (from stories, and it still hasn’t after over 35 years), but if they ever said something about my abilities, it either wasn’t to me and didn’t get passed on to me or else I’ve deeply repressed it because I’m a stubborn son of a gun. In fact, Dr. Vaughty had a standing agreement with all of his patients that they could drive his Porche to prom. Not sure if he didn’t think we’d make it or if he’d kick off first, but I remember that.

Unfortunately, I had prom in Florida and drove a 1992 Dodge Caravan to prom… I should give him a call while we’re in Columbus and go for a joy ride around I-75.

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What CFers Do: Put Doctors and Pharmacies on Speed-dial

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Speed-DialYou know that you have issues if your clinic, PCP office, and 3 pharmacies are on your speed-dial on your cell phone. Personally, my iPhone has the following:

  • my PCP office
  • my clinic 800 number
  • my CF coordinator’s cell phone
  • my local Walgreens at the corner
  • my Publix pharmacy where we buy groceries
  • my mail-order specialty pharmacy

I might as well add my Aetna customer service number to that list, but I would have to have my card out to give them my ID number anyway. It’s things like this that make me feel like a secret freak, but at least no one knows this sort of thing unless they thumb through my phone or read this entry. You know that if an EMT ever found me on the ground at the mall and got to my phone, he’d know something was wrong with me. I’d at least be labeled as a hypochondriac at the least. I hope he’d be smart enough to see Wife Mobile and Wife Work at the top of my list and call her first.