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An Informational Breakthrough

Bills, bills, billsWe’ve been receiving medical bills in the mail since March, and it’s been freaking us out. We assumed it was because my Vest got written off from last year, we had not met our deductible and everyone was cashing in all at once. Each had to be the first to get their money before we met our out-of-pocket limit. It was a logical conclusion, but not correct.

When in doubt, look at your policy

We finally started looking over our policy during dinner last night. After we got to the correct page, we were still dumb-founded for a little while until certain words stuck out: calendar year. Since my company insurance (same health insurance as I have now) was based on the company open-enrollment date of April to April, we had assumed that the deductible resets on April 1st. Wrong. The deductible re-starts in January, BUT the good news is that the Vest write-off ended up being a life-saver.

This is going to be a good year

So, this year we will be done with medical expenses, minus co-pays and premiums now, plus the time it takes us to pay these guys the money they’ve invoiced us for. It shouldn’t be long at all because business is really picking up again after taxes and graduation is in 2 weeks from today!

We hate surprise bills, and it looks like this is the end of them. One more is on the way – and maybe one more after that one, but that’s it for the year.

The plan for next year

We are going to set up another savings account to fill with our maximum out-of-pocket expenses for next year so we can just pay out from there when the time comes in 2011. I’ve got me a smart woman, wouldn’t you say? Beautiful is a babe and a brain.