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Packing for Vacation Is Huge with Cystic Fibrosis

PackingWe are off to the Smoky Mountains at 6am Saturday!

Preparation started days ago with the clothing and suitcase items, but now Beautiful is sitting at the table filling my weekly pill container for next week after dumping tomorrow’s meds on the counter for me to take in the morning. We’ve got a box of snacks for Day 1 of driving, Day 2 of driving, and a stash to keep safe for our drive back home so we don’t eat it all while we’re there. I think I’m supposed to down about 20,000 calories on Day 1 of driving by the looks of what we’ve got in there!

Since eating is a full-time job for me, we went over the menu for the week since there is a full kitchen and are taking turns making meals. We figured out what things we needed to supplement with more food for me without bothering everyone else. Wouldn’t want the whole family coming home rolly-polly now, would we? Some days, it was an omelet after breakfast, others, it was a snack or a Stouffer’s lasasgna. I’ll be taking Megase all week, so the eating extra really shouldn’t be a problem, and since my biggest fear is losing weight, we are taking care of that. If all goes well, I’ll be fat and happy when we get back next weekend.

We’ve packed the Vest, put nebulizer vials in baggies for either the box or  cooler, filled the pill container, gathered my enzymes, set out my inhalers, and put my eFlows on the armrest of the couch instead of properly back in their place in the basket. I gathered any possible narcotics I might need, as well as my Ambien for a really good night’s sleep every night.

Beautiful was really surprised that I wanted to bring my Vest along because of my strong determination to be normal, but it makes such a difference now that I’ve been doing it, I don’t want to risk having a week-long wheeze just because we left it here. It comes with a nice travel roller for the airports and everything, even though we’re driving. Where I’ll do it or how we’ll work out when I do it is still up in the air, but we’re bringing it.

Monday will be a regular installment of “Things CFers Do” followed by the week’s activities if no one minds non-CF articles. Speak now or for the rest of the week, hold your peace.