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Dulcolax – Yet Another New Essential Med

Creative, funny marketing person!

I’ve hit a creative brick wall in everything non-essential, such as my client work. For someone with over 1,400 blog posts over the last 5 years, it’s pretty stinking weird to be out of words to say. This is the best I can do today before my Silent Sunday post and my What CFers do for Monday. At least those are easy to come up with!

This week involved the discovery that Dulcolax¬† is now an essential medicine for me, though I won’t go into how I found out. What matters most is that it’s strange how many of these meds I’ve started taking since becoming so compliant have now made themselves essential to normal functioning. The doctors have me on one in the morning and one at night, and I can say that not taking it because I feel like my body is behaving and it’s not necessary is not an option.

Some examples:
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Surviving a 21-hour Blockage Without Pain Meds

I Would Rather Give Birth

At least she has an epidural!

A lot can happen in 24 hours. It’s been said by several people already: I jinxed myself blogging about my last blockage that I had in December (Part 1 and Part 2). Yesterday was a day and night of utter misery with yet another blockage. Yay, right?

Why the photo of the pregnant woman? I’ve had a family friend who experiences occasional IBS tell me that she’d rather give birth again than have another round of IBS and she is sure that the pain I go through with my blockages is worse than her IBS. Nothing against women; that came from a woman with 3 kids. That’s the kind of day I have when I have a blockage. So, I should have something like 20 kids by now…

It wasn’t my fault again

At about 7am, I noticed I still wasn’t quite feeling well from the late night before. I felt like I’d eaten greasy hamburgers, but I’d had a very healthy meal. Something just didn’t feel right. I checked my travel enzyme bottle and confirmed I’d taken my Zenpep. I had a normal breakfast and lunch and was sure to take enzymes with my cheese and crackers.

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