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Overwhelmed, but Blessed Nonetheless

OverwhelmedI’ve been overwhelmed lately. Plain and simple. We are still very blessed, as you’ll soon see. This will start off sad, get better, and then you can take the video at the end how you like. I may have cried (shhh!), but also was very happy at the end.

Things got pretty bad last week with my lack of appetite, anxiety, and general discontentment. When you have two people in a two-person house not feeling very well, things are bound to get blown out of proportion. We did figure out that I needed to stop taking pseudoephedrine for my stuffy nose since I found out I was stuffy because of small polyps and it was almost definitely making me anxious and depressed: two things that are very not me. I’m not immune to all puny medicine side-effects after all!

We aren’t sure how much the rest of the process of figuring out what is ailing Beautiful is going to cost, so that was adding to my anxiety as the one who has the most control over changing our income to help that out (by getting more work) or fail in epic fashion (by getting less work). STRESS!

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