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Where Have You Been, Fatboy?

Birthday DrillLying low and keeping my head down and blinders on so I can wrap up a boatload of project work before my week off for Christmas and my surgery date set for January 6th. It’s been a heck’uva first half of the month blasting work out the door, but I need to have a bit more cushion for January to hold us over if my antibiotics make me too nauseated to work again for the duration.

We celebrated my 32nd birthday on Saturday with some cool presents and a day with the in-laws and out-laws, I mean parents – they live on a tropical island by choice, not in exile. /grin Dad took me to Lowe’s in the morning to go pick up my present from them. I was clueless, but my heart started racing as we kept walking along the power tools section, stopping at the hammer drills. Since Beautiful has a pre-disposition to hang things on our walls, a good drill comes in handy around here. I just wish we had this baby back when I drilled 60 tap screws into our garage masonry when we moved in. The 3 holes that had gone unfinished due to some obstruction were obliterated in as many seconds, total, with my new De-Walt drill with a masonry bit. It went through like buttah, slamming the chuck into the wall before I knew I’d squeezed the trigger. Cooool.

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