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Fatboy, Stop Your Bellyaching or Get Enteroclysis

Fatboy Has IntestinesI’d love to, but my belly still hurts. When I eat or drink, when I’m not occupied with other activities, or other activities put my abdomen to use, nearly a third of the pain of Wednesday returns. Aside from little updates on how I feel, I promise this will be the last you hear of this blockage for a while, ‘mkay? Before you keep on wondering as you read on, missing my good writing material while wondering, yes, those are my intestines a few days after my December blockage (December 29th, to be exact). I got it in just before our insurance would have made me pay a huge deducible (unbeknownst to us, but I wasn’t willing to risk it and pushed for a 2009 test date).

Let’s be positive for a second, since I am an eternal optimist, according to the resident expert on Fatboy: Beautiful. On a super awesome note, I kept track of my weight through the ordeal, and I must say, Fatboy responds well to being fat. Here’s what happened. Pre-blockage: 134/135. Post blockage: 125. Last night: 129. This morning: 131. It was clearly sweated weight loss due to the combination of using a heating pad whilst lying on a leather sofa all afternoon and night long. I forgot to weigh myself tonight, but I’m certain it’s at least 133, just 2 days after going hours consuming little to no calories.

Trouble continues

I can tell you exactly where the trouble continues: right at my bottleneck spot. The continual cramping and straining against the mass that had me blocked makes for a very tender area of gut. I don’t know if the mass needs to be big and is continually stretching and straining the smooth muscle with the peristalic action.

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