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Today – Epic in Every Way – Exhausted Day 2

SandersSaysToday, as good as yesterday was for our business with the meetings I set up with clients whom I’d never met in person, was the best day as far as epiphanies and life-changing information and personal development I’ve ever had.

It was one great speaker after another, but two very much made me think about who I am, what I do, and why I think about why I am feeling the way I do. You know me by now: you’re going to get the real deal here, so I hope this has as much meaning to you as it does me.

Find a happy place

The first speaker, Cathy Brooks, had us first close our laptops, close our eyes, breathe (deeply – hah!), and take ourselves to the place where we are most happy (preferably not in front of your computer).

I was lost. I was floating around from memory to memory, place to place trying to find where I am most happy. The beach in the shade in our lawn chairs? Our vacation in Tennessee? The floor watching TV with Beautiful? Our patio when we’re sitting in the sun reading and talking about stuff?

I was crushed! Am I happy? If I’m not, what is the cause? It was the next speaker who may have uncovered why I was questioning my happiness.

Today We Are Rich

That is the title of the latest book by Tim Sanders (@SandersSays). I put it on my nightstand in the hotel to read tonight to see how far I get before I sleep. I want to be quite clear about this next statement, as it holds no exaggeration. Apart from a speaker at church camp in Jr. High who cut me to the core with a talk and changed my life for an eternity, this was the single best talk I’ve ever heard in all of my years of sermons, going to motivational business meetings, watching videos, and fantastic conferences of the past. I’m even going to investigate a psychological diagnosis that makes sense for how I feel.

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A Heart That Has Been Touched and a Life Changed

A Life ChangedI got a personal e-mail today that touched my heart like none that I can remember. Maybe there have been others in the past related to something I’d been going through or something that I had recently accomplished at the time. This one was different. Since I’ve not asked permission to reproduce it, I will leave the person anonymous and edit it for the heart of the matter. I want to get my feelings out in pixels before they fade away into sleepy oblivion.

I was diagnosed fairly late in life (around 20) and have had my ups and downs since then. Most of my struggles have been with gaining weight and keeping a good fitness routine. My baseline weight was around 105, and I’ve dipped up and down around that number for years now.

A little over two week ago at a clinic visit, my weight was 99.7 pounds, and FEV is 42% with basically no daily exercise. I decided “enough was enough” and committed myself to a regimen that included gaining lots of weight and getting in shape. Your site was actually one of the first I found that helped get me in the mindset that I could do this.

Over the past 13 days, I’ve gained 10 pounds back and have hit the gym (both cardio and weight training). I’ve been posting on CysticLife and other sites, and many people have recommended I try to get in contact with you personally…

Mindblow! He’s, like, my brother or something. Do those weights sound familiar? How about that “enough is enough” attitude? I felt like I was reading a mirror of my thoughts back in March when I had my epiphany. [Read more…]

What Drives You?

DriveI’ve been having an heart-felt back and forth with a concerned mom via my contact form whose 16-year old son has become non-compliant recently. He’s described as wonderful and smart, but just doesn’t care to do many, if any, of his treatments any more and stopped a sport he had played previously. I got to wondering what drives him, because I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

I had to burn that t-shirt the day I knew I wanted to marry Beautiful, but it still didn’t fully change what I was doing to make sure that I gave us the most time together. I’ll place a lot of the blame on my eFlow not working properly to allow me to actually have the time in the day to do my treatments (and I probably wasn’t getting the meds as I should when I did them most nights). Since that’s a cop-out, I’ll admit that I should have been more aggressive in doing whatever it took to get to a solution to be able to do my nebs properly. I take full responsibility for that end of the deal. It was stupid and will never happen again. Now, let’s get back to the underlying issue at hand: drive.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Lao Tzu

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