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Hiccups: the New Dreaded Symptom

The last two weeks have been ridiculous with the hiccups. Previously, only two things would make me hiccup:

  • turkey dinner
  • chicken breast

Now, it’s everything and at all times of the day and evening, regardless of eating, wanting to eat, or having eaten my fill. It’s not only moderately embarrassing, but these hiccups are painful, full-force half-pukes rather than annoying little hic, hic, hics. The worst when when they come in waves of hic, hic, hics, but with their full force.


I think we can trace the symptoms back to the increase in taking Megace in accordance to my prescribed amount, so it’s unknown whether it’s the amount of medicine itself or the effects of eating so much. I’ve gained 12 lbs in the last 2 weeks, for crying out loud. I look like a distended blockage boy every evening clear until bedtime, only to wake up normal and start over again.

As soon as I hit 135, which is the weight the doctor put on my “report card” from clinic, I’m cutting back on this weight gain craziness and see if I can maintain my weight with 1 Tbsp of Megace per day and eat more like I used to, because the constant danger of losing what I just ate is really freaking me out.