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Fatboy’s Historical Weight and Lung Stats

My CF coordinator is the best in the country. /hat tip to Sue @ TGH!! She compiled my PFT and weight stats since 2006 for the site for all of us to see. I put it into a simple little Excel chart in a jiffy, but will be making it look awesome later and edit this wording accordingly.

Pink = Weight -- Yellow = FEV1 %

See that really low trough around Data Point 8? That’s just 3 weeks before our wedding. Yeah, I was sick, sick, sick! See that slope immediately following? The next point was a week after our wedding and the next point was 3 months later; my highest percentage in the last 3 years. You can see every time I go on IVs pretty clearly with this graph with the down, down, up pattern.

This is the time for that trend to end forever!

  • time to get my game on with keeping my weight up (check!)
  • time to start walking (check!)
  • time to start running (let’s walk first)
  • time to start pumping iron (hold my feet to the fire)