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Fatboy – The Return of Fat

I had a topic all picked out and figured out in my head during our 8-hour trip to Atlanta, but I’m calling an audible. I’m writing this in the evening for a midnight posting to take care of Sunday’s post.

The original intent with this site was to chronicle my success in gaining weight, but I’ve been stagnant for a while because of the stress of college graduation. I lost nearly 10lbs without realizing it before it was too late but to try to stop the loss there. I was hovering around 112-115 for weeks.

This week, with the help of Megase and Boost Plus to the tune of an extra 1,300 Calories per day, I weighed 123 last night before bed – my usual weigh-in time to maximize my efforts for the day. Today, after a day of driving, snacking, and a monster plate of three enchiladas at Pappasito’s Cantina, I busted out 126.8 on the gym scale in the fitness center!

NOTE: 7:15am Sunday: I weighed in at 122.8: a net gain of 2.8lbs in one day.

That makes me pretty darn happy to finally see results from all of that eating.

Oh, and Piper Beatty got new lungs today (Saturday June 12th)!

Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.74

For those keeping track with the scales and the chart in the sidebar, that’s 123lbs! Two more pounds until I can take another picture, which I’m afraid won’t look too much different than the last just because the weight seems to be re-distributing itself and converting into muscle.

In an act of hilarity, we went to my in-laws’ tonight and I hopped on their Wii Fit for the first time in 84 days. I’d gained 11.4lbs and went from a skinny little dude to the size seen here in an instant. It was hilarious how I just ballooned up! I think it thought I’d be upset to see that, but I wasn’t, so the laugh’s on it.

I went to the neighborhood gym last night and worked on my biceps, quads, and lats. I had some unexpected soreness in my forearms today and driving my manual transmission was… fun… not being able to extend my right arm all the way to 5th gear without a shot of pain. I’m determined to make my upper body look how I want it (because I know I can because I have naturally sculptable muscles that respond well to weight training) and then struggle to build up much-needed mass on my bottom half. Having a butt now is nice, but (no pun intended) I want the whole package of quads, hammies, and calves. Why?

With good legs comes the ability to drive my lungs to better performance with tireless running.

Here is my weight chart going back a few months on our Wii at home to illustrate another point:

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