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I’m Still Okay – Never Fear

Fast Times at the University of South FloridaI’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating, educating, or entertaining you very often lately. It’s not for lack of interest, but for lack of time and words. You see, tomorrow is my last final ever (Biblical Archaeology) and I have to wrap up one last exam for Advanced Composition. It’s been non-stop business, wife time, business, study, business, wife time, writing, writing, writing, business… you get the picture.

It’s been a real struggle this semester to make ends meet while finishing up classes, but we’ve been blessed nonetheless, Beautiful and I have. Just enough in just the nick of time. I think that’s the way God likes it. Keeps you humble and faithful. I’ve learned a lot about that this semester.

Last year we had a 2-month reserve in the business account and I got prideful. I’ve hit bottom with that and it will be time to come out with all 12 cylinders going full-bore (I’m a V-12 if there was ever any doubt what kind of engine I run on) and sounding like the Ferrari that I am. I have some plans for getting things going after Mother’s Day and I have 4 weeks to meet our financial goal before a week-long family vacation. Don’t ask how much… you’ll either cry that the goal is ridiculous in that time frame or hate me upon meeting the goal (but the money will be gone as fast as it comes in).

Commencement is on Friday, so I’d better get some beauty rest… I need it!

Fatboy Gets Verklempt

USF 2010 Tassel - College of Arts and SciencesI went to the university this morning to buy my cap and gown on the first day of sale, barely 40 minutes after the bookstore opened. I got my 5’4″ gown (right in the middle of the 5’3″ – 5’5″ gown size), mortar board and white tassel for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Then it hit me on the drive back home.

I’m graduating. No… I’m GRADUATING!!

I couldn’t believe it, but my nose got a stinging feel, my eyes watered up, and my throat tightened just thinking about the end of my forever college journey finally coming to a pinnacle. Dang it, it’s happening again writing this.

I’ve got a few more pages of my archaeology paper to write and about 350 pages of book to study for the final exam before I can consider everything done. I need to get a “C” on the final unless I get an “A” or “B” on the paper, which shouldn’t be out of reach for a professional writing major, right? As for Spanish 2, I don’t even have to take the exam to pass the course and I can get an “A” for the semester with a 70% on the final exam.

T-minus: 11 days, 1 hour, 34 minutes

As Graduation Approaches

This will be my 3rd family USF graduation.I have mixed feelings about graduating from the University of South Florida (go BULLS!) next month. Not strange feelings, but just trying to decide whether I should be happy, elated, or just proud of what I’ve accomplished.

The two main sides I’m coming from are:

  • It’s no big deal because thousands of people graduate from USF alone each semester, yet I’ve been here for 39 semesters if you count summers. Many more go on to graduate school and even get PhDs.
  • I’ve got cystic fibrosis, so even going to college is a big deal, let alone getting started with a full-ride, getting my A.A. and starting a career, getting married, buying a house, and starting a home-based business and going to college to finish my B.A.

I’m extremely proud of how much I’ve busted my butt for the last 9 months, taking 31 credit hours to wrap up my senior year… even if it started 12 years after I was initially accepted to USF in 1997.

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Another Busy Day Ahead

Some people have jobs. Some people stay at home and play video games. Some people go to school. Beautiful might say that I do all three, but you’d have to scratch the “stay at home” part about playing video games. That’s a late night event for me… when I have the time.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow can be somewhat relaxing. On my to-do list now:

  • wrap up some logo delivery files for a client first thing
  • work on some more Spanish homework, but I’m pretty much stuck
  • try to reduce one of my papers by nearly half
  • try to get my thesis statement and opening presentation down for another paper
  • go to my in-laws for lunch and an afternoon (which includes Spanish help) before Beautiful’s sister leaves for grad school again
  • get some sun at the pool to de-stress
  • continue working on other client projects if Beautiful has her mind set on things other than me

I’m a walking contradiction right now: I will be so proud to graduate in 4 weeks, and I can’t wait to be done with this hectic entrepreneurship/school combination. Long-time family friends are impressed with my grit to finish with such a flurry of final courses in the last year, but I am beginning to question the wisdom in this schedule. At least it will ALL be over with for good in less than a month. I have one final and one paper, two Spanish exams, and a composition project remaining. I yearn for a weekend to just get it all done except the exams.

Maybe next weekend… after my Spanish exam.