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2010 Great Strides Walk – I won

Great Strides Tampa 2010I made my Great Strides walk a race. I didn’t want anyone walking faster than me; after all, I am a superhero who goes by the name of Fatboy. The walk started at the entrance of the Lowry Park Zoo and led us around a mile or so loop around the exhibits. It was pretty easy stuff, but I had a hard time getting my team to keep up with the poor guy with 58% lung function. Can you tell I’ve got a competitive streak a mile wide and won’t take pity from anyone? I’ll cream you before you give me pity.

When we finished our first lap, Doogie Howser was standing at the Entrance/Exit thanking us for coming. We were done in 17 minutes, so there was no way we were going after waiting an hour for the walk to start… after a 40 minute drive to the zoo… after 5 months of raising funds. It’s supposed to be a 5k, after all… so we told him we were going around again until we hit 3.1 miles as he got on his radio/phone to find out why the heck I wanted to keep dragging my team around the zoo at 6:47 in the evening.

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