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What CFers Do: Gross Normal People Out

Maybe Gross

Careful, she may be gross...

This was by request from Beautiful after watching a Twitter conversation I was having with another CFer about our ENT visits. This conversation happened to be going on with a seemingly “cute and regular” young woman as far as her sinus surgery pre-op photo with pigtails and a big grin showed the world.

Before you know it, we’re talking about boogers and other gross sinus/nasal stuff. Quite a shock from the cultural norm, but CF girls aren’t like other girls that way. Sure, they don’t like to talk about this sort of stuff (at least I don’t gather that from our more normal conversations that happen every day), but they aren’t bothered by it. I haven’t found a guy yet who didn’t like to talk about bodily functions, so I’ve got that spectrum of the global population covered.

Topics CFers bring up that gross out others:

  • mucus
  • snot
  • boogers
  • polyps
  • enemas
  • blood (especially hymoptysis)
  • injections
  • puking
  • surgery
  • puss
  • diarrhea
  • particular things that happen that are gross as they happen

I think this should stand as a generally good reason why 2 CFers should not marry, aside from the whole issue of getting each other sick constantly and not being able to rely on the other person to be somewhat healthy enough to care for them if things should turn for the worse at some point. Can you just imagine the conversations that would go on in that house? Not to mention a number of other gross things that our spouses have discovered after moving in and realizing what they go themselves into. 😉

Sometimes you just have to say, “trust me, you don’t want to know, so you’d better stop the questions before you get details you don’t want.”