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Glutathione, Because Everyone Needs a Little Support

Guest post by Bryan Hyde – another patient at Tampa General Hospital. We met out on the steps of the valet area one day waiting for our cars to be brought to us like kings.

Got girdle?In my previous post I talked about inflammation and its deleterious effect on the lungs of people with CF. I wrote about taking NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) as precursor that the body easily converts into glutathione and its derivatives. Glutathione is an extremely important antioxidant defender of the lungs. The goal of supplementation is to assist the body in what would otherwise be a normal process for a normal individual. Well, we all know that we are a little abnormal, CF or otherwise. CF lungs are deficient in glutathione in part due to the overwhelming response of our bodies to the constant attack by pathogens. In order to stabilize and reverse the tremendous negative feedback loop caused by these attacks, I believe it necessary to go on the offensive. I have found two supplements that work to enhance the body’s ability to produce glutathione as well as its function.

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