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The Most Upbeat Article You’ll Read Here. Ever.

The Fox by *J-C

The Fox by *J-C

The Fox – a.k.a John the Unknown Cystic out West (@UnknownCystic) had been down lateley. He’s been kicking himself for not handling an ER visit the right way and letting frustration get the best of him. He HATES having cystic fibrosis, but let’s step back and take things in perspective. John, I’m beginning to value as a friend up on the upper tiers of friends whom I’ve never met by now. We are transparent, and you can read a LOT into the soul of the person writing when we have dialogue like this going back and forth.

I am here to uplift and edify you today, if you don’t mind, because I feel like it’s what needs to be done today… at 1:30am EST on vacation, in bed, trying to keep Beautiful asleep. Okay, you know how serious I am now.

I don’t know about your religion, politics, or even your exact profession.

You have my respect.

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